Sampson Strategies and Synergies Consulting specializes in supporting non-profits and governments with planning and development , management of human capital, strategies for budgeting, developing large scale workforce development and contract management, as well as grants and acquisitions.

We also provide private industry with expert supportive services to interface with government entities, creating effective public/private partnerships, developing expert human capital, efficient succession planning as well as marketing and community outreach/education.

We equip you to elevate your quality assurance and risk management systems to meet your vision for excellence! We equip you to develop methods to avoid “brain drain” to your organization, as experts in your company retire or leave. We teach you how to layer your marketing/outreach so that your public image accurately reflects the impact of your product and services!

Because of our diverse expertise, if we are unable to assist you with your organizational or business challenge, we will refer you to appropriate services and experts in the area to get you the support you need!

For a full list of our services, please check our “Services” page!

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